Drug Review : Drug And Management Of Alcohol Dependence

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Assignment 2: Drug Review Essay: Drug Name: Naltrexone
PART A - RESEARCH ESSAY (Maximum 7.5 pages)
Naltrexone, better known by its marketing name ReVia (names- Depade and Vivitrol also common), is an opioid receptor antagonist used heavily in treatment and management of alcohol dependence. Originally synthesized and patented by a small pharmaceutical company namely “Endo Laboratories” in New York, it acts as a competitive reversible antagonist to the opioid receptor – a group of G-Protein Coupled receptors distributed in the Brain, spinal cord as well as the digestive tract and are often associated as the part of the brain that cause a person to feel ‘euphoria’ induced by narcotics and alcohol [1]. Promoted as a remedy for opioid addiction the drug was developed originally for the treatment for addictive narcotics such as morphine, heroine & oxycodone. Naltrexone shares most of its chemical structure with oxymorphone, and comes under the class of opioid receptor antagonist drugs such as Naloxone, Nalorphine etc. It is administered generally in its tablet form. Metabolism happens predominantly on hepatic sites and limits the bioavailability to a very high extent. Principal excretion takes place via the urine.
Naltrexone treatment is just a part of combination of drug therapy, counselling and critical support to lead an alcohol free lifestyle. Oral administration in its salt form Naltrexone hydrochloride combined with psychosocial therapy was found to decrease…

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