Drug Smuggling And Its Effects On America

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They engage in drug smuggling to carter for their needs. In addition, the viscous cycle of poverty in some societies has led to large number of people engaging in drug smuggling. Education is always viewed as a major factor in eliminating poverty. However, in some communities, high levels of poverty leads to school dropouts. These individuals who have dropped out of school easily indulge in drug smuggling since it is one of the activities that can earn them a living and requires little or no educational experience. The changing trend however has witnessed very prominent individuals’ engaging in smuggling. This is because drug smuggling is one of the booming businesses that generate quick money. Prominent rich people therefore are getting into drug smuggling as a means of expanding their capital horizon basing on the fact that drug smuggling is lucrative business yielding money very fast.
In addition, Urbanization and industrialization have contributed to drug smuggling and abuse in many ways. The proponent of this notion holds that urbanization has brought people from different back ground together. These people who come from different back grounds have different behaviors and perceptions about the use of drugs. Many people who therefore engage in the consumption of illegal drugs have learnt it from their neighbors whom with whom they stay with together in town or whom they reside within the neighborhoods. On the other hand, urbanization and industrialization has come with…
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