Drug Smuggling And The Use Of Radiologic Imaging

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Drug Smuggling and the use of Radiologic Imaging Drug smuggling first began in the 19th century in china, since then it has been expanding and growing across the world as the most illegal, dangerous, and lucrative business around. Drug smugglers are also known as body packers or body stuffers. The name body packers and body stuffers first came to light in 1973 by Dr. Deitel and Dr. Syed of the Emergency Department of St. Josephs Hospital in Toronto Canada. The drugs that are most commonly smuggled include cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Other drugs that may be smuggled are amphetamines and methylenedioxymethamphetamine also known as ecstasy. Radiologic exams have been used to help diagnosis drug smugglers and the complications that arise. Once a drug courier has been selected the individual will go through a training period in which they swallow or stuff a large number of harmless objects such as plums and condoms filled with powered sugar. After they have proven to be trustworthy and capable of the task they will then be sent out on there first assignment. Drug smugglers commonly ingest large bags containing drugs prior to crossing international boarders and recover them after their arrivals at their destination. In order to prevent being caught they will carry a variety of paraphernalia required to conceal and repack premature packets if they evacuate too early. This usually includes condoms, petroleum jelly, latex fingers and gloves. Also deodorants and sprays can be
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