Drug Testing For Workplaces And Government Help

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Running head: DRUG TESTING Drug Testing: Drug Testing in all Work Places Cassandra C. Shaffer Dabney S. Lancaster Community College ADJ 211, Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedures I 04 September 2016 Abstract Drug Testing for Workplaces and Government Help 1. Definition of the Problem In today’s time and age, you have many work places that do have drug testing but in others you do not have any. The people that do drugs and have a job think that it is okay to do what they are doing because they know that they probably will not get caught. When you have two people that are friends and one goes out and parties and smokes weed or does other drugs they think that it is okay for their friend to come along and do the same stuff when really their friend is not able to because their job requires random drug testing. People think that random drug testing is not fair to people when even it is not fair for some because other work places do not do it. In addition to that, people drawing governmental help also do not think that they should be drug tested because they need the help too bad. If people got drug tested getting the governments help then that would help people truly do need the help to get it, because people know that they should not try to get help if they are on drugs. I. Hypothesis Every work place should have to do drug tests on all of their workers and/ or soon to be employees; Also if employees get drug tested to be able to make their own money, people
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