Drug Testing In Schools. The Topic Of Random Drug Testing

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Drug Testing in Schools The topic of random drug testing has been a very controversial one, especially in the last few years. RSDT (random student drug testing) made a rise in popularity after being legalized by the United States Supreme Court in 2006. This ruling made testing students who participate in extracurriculars or drive to school able to be tested for illegal drug abuse. This court decision is like many others in the aspect that some strongly agree and others heavily disagree. One side of opinions agrees with the court 's ruling and believes that RSDT programs help prevent drug abuse among the student population. Other people think that the programs infringe on the rights of students and offer no usefulness in the fight against…show more content…
It is important to note that if a student is caught with drugs in their system, rehabilitation and restriction of extracurriculars are the repercussions. These people also argue that the tests are not too expensive. Thirty dollars or less was the pre-program cost; this data held true for 91 percent of surveyors. In contrast to the people who believe that drug testing is helpful and necessary in schools, others have a sharp difference in opinions. These people think that “random drug testing is not associated with a change in the numbers of students who use drugs in any category” (“Random Drug Testing Cannot Prevent Student Drug Abuse”). Disbelievers in the programs believe that they violate student rights and feed more money into the drug testing industry. It is also said that since the testing can only target students who participate in extracurriculars, students can easily get around the tests by simply not participating in those activities. Evidence of these accusations come from a study out of The University of Michigan called Monitoring the Future. This study showed little to no difference in drug abuse among students when comparing schools that participate in the RSDT and have similar demographic backgrounds. Non supporters also think the programs are ineffective. These ideas are backed up by The Office of Management and Budget, where they deemed the programs ineffective in reducing youth drug use, violence, and crime. They also believe that

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