Drug Testing Should Be Legal For Schools

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Drug abuse has become a major issue in our society today and has even become a global problem that needs to be resolved. The illicit use of drugs often begins in adolescence, so it is not surprising that the idea of random drug testing in schools has become a popular response to the problem. “Adolescence represents a window of opportunity for prevention, because deterring drug use during this period is associated with a lifetime reduction in substance abuse (Goldberg, 2003). At this time there are not any federal laws related to drug testing in schools, but two different Supreme Court rulings have granted schools the authority to conduct drug testing in certain circumstances. “ In 1995, the Court ruled that it was legal for schools to…show more content…
This could lead to punishing innocent students and encouraging those using the drugs that are detectable to move on to more dangerous drugs since the risk of being caught is less (Legislative Guide, 2017). Drug testing is very expensive, and they feel it is not cost effective for the schools. Instead, the schools could use that money to promote drug prevention programs. Another argument is that a positive drug test can lead to suspension from athletic teams and extracurricular activities and these activities have been shown to be protective of substance abuse. So, students who use drugs will not play sports or participate in extracurricular activities, which is detrimental to them in the long run (Legislative Guide, 2017). Student rights and invasion of privacy is also seen as a concern (Lombardo, 2016). Despite the Supreme Court rulings that give schools the right to drug test in certain situations, there are still concerns about its legality. Laws are inconsistent from state to state, and schools risk legal liability and expensive litigation by engaging in this practice. (Legislative Guide, 2017). Both sides of the argument share common ground in the fact that everyone wants to deal with the drug abuse problem facing our society. Both sides feel that it needs to start with our adolescent children because this is the
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