Drug Testing Should Not Be Banned

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Debate over drug testing students in school is very controversial. Drug testing students gives the school administration the power to drug test random students at any time. Various schools across the country have implemented these tests. Parents have very different views on this topic. Some believe that this gives the administration too much power. They also believe that these tests infringe on students rights. Other people believe that these tests are very helpful in decreasing the amount of students that use drugs. They also believe that the tests make schools a safer environment for learning. Both sides want safer schools for the students, but disagree on the steps that should be taken to make it happen. On side A, people believe that…show more content…
They also say that the amount of steroid users in sports will decrease. This side also argues that test scores and grades in general would increase with these tests. As McKinney state 's, “High schools with RSDT programs exceeded the state average for test scores on the state-mandated graduation test as well as exceeding the state average for graduation rates” (Random Drug Testing Can Prevent Student Drug Abuse). This shows that the random testing could be helping the test scores. This side also believes that decreasing the amount of drugs in schools is better than making students feel uncomfortable. Each side has things that they both want to see happen. Both sides believe that drugs in school are bad. They both want to minimize the amount of drugs and drug users at schools. They also both want to keep students interested in extracurricular activities. Both sides don’t want to discourage students from getting involved in these activities. Both sides also want to keep the students and staff safe. These sides have many disagreement. Side A believes that drug testing can hurt students and infringe on their rights. Side B believes that testing will help students and the faculty. They believe that the tests will protect them from drugs and the people that use them. This is one of the largest areas of disagreement between both sides. Side A also argues that these tests are inaccurate and can punish innocent students. Side B says that the tests are not as inaccurate as the
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