Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

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If the drug testing is implemented, of course, there will always be those who feel violated, but what about the taxpayer’s rights? Do they have that right to know how their money is being spent? The problem with this development is there are so many ways to cheat and test clean. In theory that is true, but in reality not so sure because there are different types of testing. The main one is urinating in a cup and we all know that can be tampered with, but what about the hair strand, how is that possible to cheat (Castleman-MacDonald)? Medicaid is a social service program that offers health insurance to children and certain needy families. The problem that welfare recipients are having with Medicaid is that it is a challenge for them to get medication because they have to wait until a physician’s approval. Medicaid is intended for those that need medical attention and cannot pay for themselves. These recipients will push the limit just so they can get cash. Medicaid covered patients go around the streets and sell their prescription drugs to the pill buyers instead of them taking it. They go from doctor to doctor trying to get their medications because the recipients do not have to pay for any doctor visits nor do they have to pay for the expensive medications. They just go and sell them for cash or just trade them for the illicit drugs on the streets (Hast). Some addictive narcotics being sold are Oxycodone and Vicodin and can be highly expensive if you have no insurance. But
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