Drug Testing and Issues of Privacy at the Workplace

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Drug Testing & Issues of Privacy Drug Testing & Issues of Privacy Drug testing in the workplace is a touchy issue for both employers and employees. Employers who drug test current and potential employees do so for several reasons. There are some industries and tasks which are very sensitive because of the material used, or the processes involved in the work, or because the work concerns matters of national security. There are numerous practical reasons for employers to test employees for illegal or illicit substances as well as legal substances that in excess cause harm to the person taking them and/or those around the person taking drugs. There exists a boundary between drug testing for safety and drug testing as a way to invade the privacy of employees for a number of reasons including excessive control, blackmail, or other forms of manipulation. The use of drug testing depends on the work that needs to be done. The use of drug testing also depends on the employees. If the behavior of the employees warrants drug testing, then it should be done. If the work of the employees involves working with other people in need of substance rehabilitation or other forms of rehabilitation, then it would be logical for the management of such facilities to be concerned with substance abuse and other addictive behaviors among the employees and/or staff. Again, there is a logic behind the reasoning for drug testing employees in the workplace. There is additionally potential for abuse
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