Drug Testing of High School Students

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Mandatory Drug Testing of High School Athletes Brandon had always wanted to play football for his high school team. He had always been one of the slowest and smallest boys in his grade. While in 8th grade, he was introduced to performance enhancing drugs. He was sold on the fact that they would make him stronger, faster, and maybe give him a shot to make the high school football team. During his first year of taking the performance enhancing drug, Brandon had increased strength and self-pride. As others started to see his achievements they started asking how he had made such drastic changes in strength. His response was hard work and determination, but quickly people started to really question these drastic changes. His upcoming…show more content…
Brandon struggled with the schools decision of mandatory drug testing and the forfeit of games played. He also learned that that school was looking after his wellbeing, when he learned of all the long term health effects that he was imposing on his body. Mandatory drug testing also provided him with an avenue to promote a drug free environment with fellow classmates. Brandon became a member of the red ribbon committee following his failed test, without this testing he would have continued to mock this great committee. Mandatory drug testing should be done nationwide among high schools.

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