Drug : The Causes And Effects Of Drug Addiction

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I grew up with my closest childhood friend named Ram who became addicted to drugs while studying in the last year of high school. Being with him, I knew what caused him to be addicted and the effects of addiction that he struggled with. Despite his intelligence, he was very kind and friendly. He spent most of his time with me and many other friends. We had studied together from childhood, but as we grew up, we got in different circles of friends. He joined in the company of bad friends. I told him not to be close with them, but he did not listen to me. The time passed, and due to peer pressure, he slowly got involved in taking small doses of drugs like marijuana, cocaine and L.S.D. He was telling me how he felt after taking drugs. One week, two weeks and the months went on. He was then addicted to them. I went his house and scolded him, but he did not listen. In short, the effect of drug addiction was on his health problems, academic status and economic status. The effects started from his health problems that the healthy person suffered from physical and mental problems. There was no doubt to be unaffected by taking drugs. He was seemed as physically unfit and mentally retarded. On the physical appearances, the body seemed thin than before he was, and eyes were narrowed. I heard from his sister that he was vomiting and suffering from abdominal pain. I had not told his parents yet. The way he was talking to other friends was non-sense. He started from marijuana to L.S.D.
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