Drug Trafficking : An Illegal Drug Trading System

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Drugs In America Drug trafficking is an illegal drug trading system in which drugs are brought from other countries to the United States. According to the the article, “Crime and Drug Control Policies in the United States” written by Thomas Mieczkowski, illegal drug trafficking from Mexico and Colombia have been hurting the American society for many years. Drugs have been coming into the U.S. in many different forms and routes especially through the border of the United States and Mexico (Mieczkowski 2008). The large amounts of drugs brought into America is for the intend to sell and make immense amounts of profit. Most of the drugs coming in from Mexico and other South American countries are all easily grown or produced from where it comes from. After these drugs enter the U.S. they are given to distributors who supply portions to many different drug dealers and these drug dealers sell the drugs to the citizens of America. In most cases the buyer of the drugs are drug addicts, or someone that 's just trying sell what they got for more profit (Mieczkowski 2008). All these different drugs are causing thousands of American teens to become addicts, which leads them to lose control and do absurd things or die due to overdose on those drugs (The History of Drug Abuse). The DEA and the American government do many things to prevent drugs coming in from Mexico and confiscate anything they find, but the amount confiscated is nowhere near the amount actually entering the U.S.
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