Drug Trafficking And Distribution Of Drugs

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Drug Trafficking and Distrobution
Tanner Galbiso
University of Arkansas-Fort Smith

Author Note.
Tanner Galbiso is currently a student in Mrs. Mary Wuestewald’s Criminology class that meets every Monday and Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm in the Gardner Building.
Contact: trgalbiso@gmail.com

This paper will explore multiple scholarly journals and other published articles that will pertain to Drug trafficking and distribution of drugs. The research gathered will all be from online resources located on the schools website and the classes required book pertaining to the curriculum.
Keywords: Criminology, Drug Trafficking, Social Theories

In the world of the criminal justice system, drug related makes up quite a large number. (2012) But what why is this such a big problem in the United States? Why is this issue so important to stop? Why is this war on drug such a big deal? Within these next few pages, we will enter the world of drug trafficking and distribution and answer such questions. We will talk about how Park and Burgess’s Zone theory can be applied to how drugs are distributed, Merton’s Strain Theory, and Culture Conflict Theory. By the end of this paper, you should be able to get an inside look to why this type of crime is a easy crime to turn to. Park and Burgess’s Zone Theory It all started in the Chicago School. Robert Park and Ernest Burgess came up with the idea of social ecology. In the in class text, Schmalleger (2009)…
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