Drug Trafficking And The United States Essay

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Drug trafficking is a major problem in the United States. More than 100,000 people are killed each year and everyone is affected. Communities are destroyed, families split apart, and billions are spent trying to keep it out. A $32 billion dollar industry which can be found on a corner in nearly every neighborhood. Forcing the criminal justice departments to spend nearly $61 billion dollars on investigation, prosecution, incarceration and victim costs. Along with an $11 billion dollar drug treatment or drug related expense. From a fiscal standpoint, trafficking costs roughly $120 billion in productivity, due to: drug abuse treatment, incarceration, and early death. According to the White House’s web site, “ In 2009, the majority (67%) of current drug users aged 18 or older were employed, either full‐time (48%) or part‐time (19%), with the unemployed accounting for 13% and the remaining 21% not in the labor force.” The above mentioned costs the community roughly $192 in costs. The unemployed are twice as likely to report current drug use, however contrary to the common perception, most drug users are employed. Full-time workers (18 and older) reported around one in 12 use illicit drugs. While unemployed workers were twice a likely (one in six) to report drug use. Americans spend approximately $60 billion dollars a year on illegal drugs. Those who have a more serious problem can spend between $100- $500 dollars a week. 50% of the inmate population are serving time
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