Drug Trafficking Organizations And Drugs

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Drug Trafficking Organizations “Imagine living in a place where you can kill anyone you wish and nothing happens except that they fall dead” (Morris 216). With drug trafficking organizations people in Mexico live in a world where this is part of their everyday lives. More than 16,600 deaths were attributed to drug trafficking in 2011 (Schedler 6). People live in a world like the Wild West where there seems to be no social control. This is a problem because innocent people are losing their lives over something that they can not control. Citizens throughout Mexico have learned to live with the consequences of organized crime caused by the Mexican drug cartels in their day to day lives. Drug Trafficking Organizations, otherwise called DTO, are organizations that engage in criminal activity revolving around the illegal drug trade. According to Andreas Schedler in his article, "The Criminal Subversion of Mexican Democracy," this criminal activity includes the manufacturing of drugs all the way to the distribution of them all over the world (9). This is important because if it was not for drug trafficking and the crimes associated with it, there would not be as much violence in Mexican society. Furthermore, the process of manufacturing drugs likely involves many other illegal activities like the use of dangerous chemicals, access to firearms along with other dangerous weapons, and theft. There are many DTO’s in the country of Mexico. Some have been around for centuries, while
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