Drug Trafficking

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Drug Trafficking in the United States
Americans like to hide thoughts of the bad in society, one of these thoughts often hid or forget about is drug trafficking. Drug trafficking effects everyone from the one-percent down to the people of poverty. Billions of dollars of drugs are bought and sold, with billions more being spent to fight the trafficking of illicit drugs in the United State. With all the money spent to prevent drug trafficking Americans need to understand the harmful effects. Drug Trafficking is causing harm to the United States economically, brings violence to communities, and puts law enforcement in unnecessary danger.
The economic strain put on the United States because of drug trafficking unquestionable. Since 1971, the
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The communities were not only in urban populations, there were reports from rural Sheriff Departments of gang that would publicly acknowledge themselves. This is a very concerning truth to people who live in rural areas, the spread of gangs brings drugs and violence to once safe communities. In a 2009 ABC News article, up to one million gang members are to blame for eighty percent (80%) of crime in the United States [3]. In a 2008 speech given by Former FBI Director Robert Muller said "Chicago law enforcement estimates there are at least 60,000 gang members in the community -- far outnumbering police officers. There are hundreds of homicides each year, the majority of which are gang-related." [3]. The realization of criminal organization and gang’s outnumbering law enforcement is a scary thought, how do law enforcement agencies stop a problem when there are more criminals than officers. Through community outreach programs, and by citizens alerting law enforcement to possible gang or other criminal organization activities the public can help stop the spread of drug trafficking, drug related violence, and the spread of gangs and other criminal organizations into their communities.
The unnecessary danger placed on law enforcement agencies is a fact that normally gets overlooked by News sources., a website that follows the War on Drugs, reports that there is one death a week due the War on Drugs [4]. Many of those killed by law enforcement
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