Drug Trafficking : The United States

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How is Drug Trafficking Affecting Society in the United States?

Drug trafficking is a major problem in the United States. When this trade reaches third world countries, it usually spreads incredibly fast and law enforcement is more easily corrupted. It is the illegal trade involving cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and the sale of substances which are illegal under the law. The drug trade is estimated to bring in more than $100 billion every year from the U.S. The number of global deaths each year due to illegal drugs is over 200,000.

Drug Trafficking has been a big problem in the United States along with many other countries for over a decade. In the United States, opium was widely used after the Civil War to help the soldiers stay up for nights on end, and recreational or “what they thought was medicinal” cocaine followed around the 1880’s. Eventually more drugs such as morphine and heroin were discovered and used for “medicinal purposes”. On top of this, Coca-Cola was brought about, with one of the active ingredients being cocaine. The new century brought a wide knowledge to people and exposed the potential of addiction. In 1914 the Harrison Narcotics Act was the first federal drug policy in the United States. It restricted people from manufacturing or selling marijuana, cocaine, heroine, and morphine. This brought a lot of trouble for physicians because they were prescribing these drugs to addicts for so called “rehabilitation”, and from 1915 to 1938 more than
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