Drug Treatment For Adolescents And Adolescents

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Youths in the United States are using drugs more than ever and even at a younger age than the past. Reaching out to these younger addicts can be complicated. There are several ways to approach substance abuse treatment for youths. School counselors and parents are the first step to detecting the addiction. Then there is finding the right treatment for the youth. Assessment and continued treatment could include outpatient or in patient therapy. Depending on the addiction and the family support, treatment could involve cognitive therapy and behavior therapy. Most treatments are based on the elements that are defined by the American Medical Association. Regardless of the treatment, youths need a more comprehensive and mulch disciplinary approach. The guidelines should include assessment, a look at the youth’s life, appropriate programs, and consistent family involvement. As we look at the different treatment approaches we will see the difference in adult treatment as to the treatment designed for youths. We will review their history and we will look at the success and relapse rate of these programs.


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