Drug Use And Its Effects On Society

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Drugs have always played a role in our society from the present to the past they have been used for both medical uses and personal use. Though some drugs may help people who are suffering, for many they are misused and cause economic and social problems for our society. Because the negative effects of drug use not only affect the user but also many aspects of our society, drug control policies have been implemented throughout our history to try and control these issues. From the Harrison Act to the Prohibition in the 1930’s, to the 1970’s “War on Drugs,” the government has played an active role in controlling drug use, misuse, and the trafficking of drugs into our country because of the strains it brings to our economy. It harms the user,…show more content…
According to the National Drug Intelligence Center (2006) the economic cost of individuals who abuse drugs in the United States has cost our economy $180.9 billion yearly. This is not just due to health issues but the cost of the justice system and other related issues that come with drug use. One of the saddest factors for drug abusers is the children that grow up in horrific situations. They are too often neglected and lack proper immunization, medical care, dental care, and basic necessities (NDIC, 2006). Risks for children become even higher if the parents or guardian manufacture drugs because of the hazards that come along with making them. Another, problem associated with use is the impact on the justice system. According to Gensler (1996) “Society must pay police to search for and arrest drug users. Society also pays for attorneys to prosecute and defend drug users, judges to try them, and prisons to incarcerate them.” This can have an enormous impact on our economy not only with cost but the many hours these individuals spend in the justice system which can contribute to the clogging up of the system. Another problem associated with drug use is the loss of economic productivity. When drug users are unable to maintain work or lose their jobs they become a burden on the income maintenance system in our society and productivity may decline or cease resulting in a loss of economic activity (Gensler, 1996). Because
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