Drug Use And Its Effects On Society

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Despite the issues regarding the scientific studies, evidence has drawn positive links suggesting people who use drugs are more likely to engage in criminal activity than non-users if simply because they are breaking the law to obtain the substance of use. Research does support this contention as people who are arrested for various crimes test positive to be under the influence of a drug at the time they committed their offense. However, the evidence remains elusive as to whether the drug use led to the crime or the crime was separate from the drug use and related needs (i.e., money to buy drugs, territorial wars, etc.). Because of inconsistent data and definitions in reporting, statistical evidence is not empirical enough to draw hard conclusions regarding the relationship between drugs, including alcohol, and crime, or to quantify how much of that crime begins with the innocent-seeming lighting up of a marijuana cigarette. In addition, when more than one drug is present, it is difficult to assess which of the two or more might have induced or inspired the criminal behavior, if any. The association between alcohol and violence illustrated through various studies makes it clear that correlations between drug use and crime are greater complicated through the presence of other dynamics such as socio-demographic and personality characteristics.
Given these cautions regarding the research and studies then, it is interesting to note that studies limited to marijuana only do not
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