Drug Use And Its Effects On The Community

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Drug use doe not only affect the users but also have a devastating effect on the wider community as a whole. This includes their friends, families, government resources and businesses. Economically, when the effects are quantified an estimated $180.9 billion is lost annually due to drug use as reported by ONDCP in 2002.
Drug abusers experience several severe health effects ranging from ill-health, general sickness to death. Different drugs used by an individual has different health effects such as cocaine, methamphetamines and even alcohol. Excessive and continuous consumption of alcohol leads to liver cirrhosis which is a very dangerous condition ultimately leading to death. Drug use has four major effects on its consumer which are medical, addiction, social and economic. Addiction is the greatest effect of drug use to an individual as it is the underlying course of all other drugs related problems. When one is addicted, it means he/she cannot live without consuming that substance. Continuous consumption of those drugs will lead to a devastating health effect and economic impact. Apart from addiction, health effects such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis are caused by sharing of needles when using the drugs. AIDS, which have no cure can be transmitted through sharing needles with an infected individual. Statistics prove that 4 out of every 10 deaths of AIDS are drug related in US. Apart from the needle sharing, the intoxication from the drugs leads to impaired judgment which
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