Drug Use And Juvenile Delinquency

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Teen drug use has been a continuous problem in the United States and United Kingdom despite media campaigns informing people of the consequences associated with illicit drug use. At the same time, young criminal activities are present in most communities and are a concern because of their association to illicit drug use. Some scholars assert that drug use causes criminal behaviour in juveniles; others have established that delinquency leads juveniles to use illicit drugs; yet, others infer that drug use and juvenile delinquency are linked to other variables (Lac, et.al, 2011, pp. 644). It is crucial to identify the factors associated with illicit drug use and juvenile delinquency, whether the relationship between the variables is a causal one or a mere correlation. Identifying such factors will help reduce the number of teenagers using drugs and engaging in young criminal behaviour by improving preventive programs and the services provided to those who already engage in such behaviours (Kanayama, 2010, pp. 111). The research in the United States and other United Kingdom show that people who use illegal drugs generally commit more crime than those who do not. Half of the crime suspects arrested in the U.S. and UK had used illegal drugs in the prior three days, so even if there is not an immediate link between the variables there is still a relationship (Luk, et.al, 2010, pp. 355). Previous researches have demonstrated that use of drugs among teenagers can lead to significant
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