Drug Use Of Drugs And Alcohol

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A current ongoing problem in the United States is the continuous use of drugs and alcohol. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t see in the paper or on the internet that someone overdosed on drugs and passed away. Currently the United States is narrowing in on the legalization of one drug in particular, which is marijuana. Just over 130 years ago there were no laws against drug use, until the 20th century when the fight against drug use began. Harry Anslinger is man who began the probation of marijuana. Anslinger set the tone for the American attitudes towards drugs, specifically marijuana beginning in the 20th century. Harry Anslinger started his interest in drugs at the young age of twelve when he had heard scream coming from a morphine addict and then witnessed a young boy giving the addict more morphine that he had just gotten from the pharmacy. Anslinger was surprised that these powerful addictive drugs were so readily available to young children (Meisler). After graduating from college with a two-year Associates degree, Anslinger got a job as an investigator for the Pennsylvania Railroad. While working for the Pennsylvania Railroad he saved the company $50,000 and was soon promoted to Captain of the railroad police (Meisler). From 1927-1928 Anslinger started to show the direction of his life when he worked for many different military and police organizations all over the world in which he was trying to prevent international drug trafficking. The Treasury…
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