Drug Use in Sport

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Drug use in sport should not be allowed by any athletes for many reasons such as we don’t know all the side effects of the drugs which can cause major complications for the athlete even after their career, parents will pull kids out of sport and eventually sport will become fake and an un-even playing field. If athletes take performance enhancing drugs it damages the future of sport. Children will begin to believe that this is risk free since their heroes are doing it. If we legalise the practice of drugs participation in sports will take a heavy hit, as parents will take their children out of the sporting system just so they don’t run any risks of side effects, which will ultimately lead to the death of sport. Athletes who take drugs in sport only do so to gain an advantage over their opponent because they are afraid of hard work. This would force athletes who do not want to use these drugs to either stop playing the sport or take the drugs just so that they can have an equal chance of beating someone who takes shortcuts. If we drugs are allowed in sport it will become nothing but a big performance of un-natural hybrids who have all taken shortcuts where in the past and present the sporting world has drooled over the sight of hard work leading to success. For hundreds of years sports have been around and spectators have enjoyed watching sports to see the incredible talent that the athletes have. Athletes have put hard work, dedication and time into reaching their ultimate
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