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Drug Use in the 1960s The time: the 1960s. The place: United States of America. Who? The youth. Doing what? Using drugs. Why? Many reasons. The 1960s proved to be a very turbulent time in the history of American youth growing up. There were many different activist movements all over the country. The primary drug user was the male college student involved in politics. He used mostly marijuana, some cocaine or LSD and of course alcohol. The sixites culminated with perhaps the biggest public scene of drug use ever: Woodstock. American youth in the sixties turned to drugs for a variety of reasons including the Vietnam War, the feeling of rebellion, activist movements, and the general pleasure-oriented society. The society in which…show more content…
The youth in this country had no real role models. Most were dissatisfied with the world around them. The main reason was to rebel against the government for sending so many troops to Vietnam. Some other authorities have claimed that it also could have been because of "new sexual freedom, the war in Vietnam with resulting political alienation and the growing ascendancy of television."6 As it is today, peer pressure was another factor in a youth’s choice to use drugs.7 The primary drug user in the 1960s was the male college student involved in politics. Richard Flacks states "The increasingly common use of marijuana and psychedelic and mood-manipulating drugs on college campuses and among youth in general needs no documentation."8 Lance Christie, a drug researcher, said "A student who bought into the drug culture in the 1960s was buying into an elitist high-performance group."9 Drugs were used as a means to escape reality. Drug use was already running rampant in the ghettos but was minimal among middle class white youth. Music helped popularize the use of drugs on college campuses.10 The use of marijuana peaked in 1967 with the release of the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" whose cover has marijuana leaves on it.11 The use of drugs by mainstream teens can be compared to the way a society accepts a new type of music or a new hairstyle. Using drugs was

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