Drug Uses : The Use Of Drugs And Drug Abuse

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GATEWAY DRUGS Marijuana, tobacco and alcohol are considered gateway drugs that often lead to other more addictive drug use, such as LSD, crack cocaine or heroin. However, understanding why and how people start using drugs in the first place is difficult and complex. For example, people may take drugs to fit in, to escape reality, relax, avoid boredom, feel grown up, rebel or experimentation. The words drug user, drug abuse and drug misuse are often used as if they were synonyms descriptions similar to happy, joyful and elated when in reality a drug user, drug abuse and drug misuse all have different meanings and help with describing how a drug is being used. For example, according to (Hanson, G., Venturelli, 2015, p. 9) drug use, drug misuse and drug abuse are not the same. A drug user is just a person who takes drugs, while a drug misuse describes the unintentional or inappropriate use of prescribed and over- the- counter drugs that include such actions as taking more drugs than prescribed, using over-the-counter drugs in excess without medical supervision, mixing drugs with alcohol or other drug. Using old medicines to self-treat new symptoms, not following directions and taking drugs as prescribed by the physician, or in contrast discontinuing drug doses against a physician’s recommendation or administering prescription drugs to family members or friends without medical approval or proper supervision. The abuse of drugs is also known as chemical or substance abuse and is described as the willful misuse of either licit or illicit drugs for recreation, perceived necessity or just convenience which can lead to drug addiction. The six commonly abused drugs are prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, recreational drugs such as coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco and chocolate. The fourth is illicit drugs, in other words, those that land you in jail, fifth is herbal preparations that are often derived from plants, and the sixth is commercial drugs which include aerosol paints, glues, pesticides and household cleaning products. As stated earlier illicit drugs are known as illegal drugs. However, licit drugs are legal drugs that are freely sold and consumed when lawfully obtained. Licit drugs include

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