Drug War in Mexico Essay

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Mexico’s Drug War Drug trafficking has become an increasingly growing problem in the world today. Illegal drug trade is a worldwide black market consisting of production, distribution, packaging, and sale of illegal substances. Although today’s "War on Drugs" is a modern phenomenon, drug problems have been a common problem throughout history. The market for illegal drugs is massive, when we consider the estimated global drug trade value is worth $321 billion (Vulliamy). The most drug trafficking happens on the border between Mexico and the United States. Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon said, “Our neighbor is the largest consumer of drugs in the world. And everybody wants to sell him drugs through our door and our window”…show more content…
The government has made some gains, but at a heavy price. A total of 34,612 people have died in drug-related killings in Mexico in the first four years (Siddique). Most of these killing are between cartel rivals fighting for the control of territories. There are five cartels operating in Mexico: the Sinaloa, the Gulf, Juarez, Tijuana, the Zetas. The major cartels are the Gulf, Sinaloa and Juarez (Cook 21). Many of these cartels have joined together forming powerful alliances known as the “Federation” (Cook 17). The cartels work together, but they remain independent organizations. Mexican Cartels are luring youngsters as young as 11 to work in their smuggling operations, attracting them with what appears to be "easy money" for doing simple tasks. Cartels recruit children, who are less likely to be suspects than adults and are easily manipulated by small sums of money, and face less severe penalties than adults. Kids are asked to smuggle drugs, people and weapons through the border. Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety says, “They are U.S. citizens who speak Spanish and blends perfectly in the other side of the border.” There is not a concrete solution to dismantle the drug cartels. The United States has worked along with Mexico to fight and win the battle against the powerful drug cartels. They need to attack and stop the source of power. That source is the money. To stop the flow of money, the demand for drugs has to be stopped. Once the
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