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Test 5 Drug Ed 2013 Fall The textbook pointed out that drug prevention and drug ________ might have different goals and use different approaches. education mitigation interdiction demand reduction Primary prevention programs are aimed at elderly patients that may need medication assistance. adolescents who require substance abuse treatment. young people who have not tried drugs. addicts that require prevention or follow up. In the public health model, programs designed to reach people who have started using some substances and to prevent them from abusing these substances or moving to more dangerous substances, would be classified as motivational. educational. secondary prevention. triage. Tertiary prevention…show more content…
random urine testing. video surveillance of restrooms. use of drug dogs to check desks, lockers, etc. In discussing what we should be doing in drug prevention, the text says, "above all" never admit your own substance use. make people believe they will be caught and punished. avoid sensational scare stories and preachy approaches. make sure that people get a complete understanding of the drug's pharmacology. One study of the Life Skills Training program found significantly lower use of marijuana alcohol tobacco all of the above According to the text, the ultimate goal of workplace drug prevention programs is to prevent drug use by making clear that it is not condoned. prevent drug use by firing employees who violate the rules. prevent drug use by increasing the number of random urine tests. None of the above The ad campaign Above the Influence targets which age group? 5-11 12-17 18-25 50-65 The Institute of Medicine's proposed prevention efforts are categorized primarily according to the age groups of the targeted populations. True False Studies of school-based prevention programs in the 1970s showed that students who knew more about drugs and their effects were least likely to use those drugs. True False A 1984 review of prevention studies concluded that values clarification approaches were clearly effective in actually preventing future drug use. True False The

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