Drugs: A Short Summary About His Child

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PER REPORTER: Rodell said he is worried about his child due to her mother’s husband being strung out on powder as well as her mother due to her allowing her husband to put her on drugs as well. He said he believes his daughter has seen her mother and her mother’s husband doing drugs before due to the child knowing what a crack pipe and a cigar is. However, he said he is not sure if the child or the other children in the home have access to the drugs that are being done by their parents. He mentioned that to his understanding drugs are being done around all of the children, and he said he has known about the situation for a while now but though Iesha was going to do something about it. He said what made him want to report the situation was due…show more content…
It is unknown if Iesha ever leaves bruise or scars on the child but Rodell said he believes the child’s mother whips her due to the drugs. He said Raniya told him yesterday her brother was picking on her and she jumped at him and he jumped back so hard that his knee hit him in the face. He said the child told him her mother then whipped her and not her brother due to his knee hitting him in the face. He also mentioned that David once whipped the child due to her intervene when he was beating her mother in she and her other siblings face. He said he confronted David about whipping his child and told him that he does even whip Raniya which means he can no longer do it. Rodell also said his mother told him once Iesha called her and told her David hit her with an iron while Raniya was gone, but it is unknown where the other children were during the time of the domestic violence. However, Rodell said he believes Raniya is afraid of David and Iesha due to her never wanting to go home. Rodell also said Iesha talks to the child wreck less which once lead to a fight between his wife (Letreeda) and her when the child was around two years
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