Drugs, Alcohol, And Addiction Unit

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Drug, Alcohol, and Addiction Unit

Lesson One: Introduction to Alcohol

Learning Objective: By the end of the lesson the students should have a good grasp on the fact that when you put alcohol in your body you can’t do things you normally would be able to do.

Activity: Dollar Bill Jump

Concept: When you are under the influence of some drugs, you have the belief that you can accomplish certain tasks when in reality you can’t. This activity sounds so easy that everyone thinks they could do it. However, when they try, they find the task to be impossible for most and tough for all.

• A dollar bill
• A roll of masking tape

1. For the classroom demonstration, choose one person to come up in front of the class.
2. Place the dollar bill down on the floor, extending the long way, right in front of his feet. Tell him to reach down (he does not have to keep his legs straight) and grab onto his toes and jump over the dollar bill. He cannot let go of his toes when he does this. This is almost impossible for anyone to do.
3. Give him a couple of tries. It looks so easy that he will have a hard time believe he can’t do it.
4. For the classroom activity place two lines of masking tape on the floor. Have them the same distance apart that a dollar bill would be. Now you can have the entire class line up one side and give the jump a try. You may have them try one at a time or the entire group at once.

1. How hard does this activity look?
2. How did you…

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