Drugs And Alcohol Abuse By Erik Fisher

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I attended a school event in which Erik Fisher, a former drug abuse came to talk about is experience with drugs and alcohol with regards to college. He started off by talking about how even while in high school he struggled with the use of drugs and alcohol. His first year in college he was able to play college basketball at a division 2 school. After the first few months past, he found friends that partied and did drugs. He started to handout with that crowd and began to skip class and eventually fail most of his classes. This was a reoccurring cycle that happened many times. He went to many different colleges to play basketball but would not give up the drug and alcohol use. While he was in California playing for a college basketball team, he became suicidal. One night he decided that he was going to take so many pills, that he wouldn’t wake up in the morning. However, he woke up by a train track wanting to run in front of a train. He looked at his wallet and saw a picture of his baby brother and that is when he decided to get help. That was the first time that he decided to speak to a counselor and stay sober. However, that did not last long, he found himself going down the same downward spiral. This time, the spiral was even worse, he hit a car head on going 70 miles an hour, killing the other driving immediately. He woke up in the hospital and decided it was time to take responsibility for everything. He spends three years in prison and other year in boot camp. He…

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