Drugs And Alcohol And Drug Abuse

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The abuse of drugs and alcohol as well as the prescriptions now in the day reach the amount of 700 thousand dollars a year, since the medical attention is increased due to the overdose that cannot be controlled that occurs when the health insurers deny patients treatments because they are very expensive.
Now scientists and great analysts have observed the effect of drugs and alcohol on the brain and behavior of people who use these substances so that they can give proper treatment and develop programs to help people to be able to be free of this situation but when you do not have full or partial support from any health insurance or rejection of certain benefits that can be given to patients can be a serious problem because people who are not eligible for this type of benefits or they are rejected are victims of resignation and the problem is further aggravated or can fall into demands to these insurances so that they stop rejecting benefits that should be given especially to this type of people who have addictions that practically if not are properly treated will end in death because there is no stability to pay for a rehabilitation center or treatments.
There are 9 school and drug rehabilitation centers that filed a lawsuit in the superior court of Maricopa that health insurance called Health Net of Arizona inappropriately denied many lucrative payments for the treatment of people who have had or have serious problems with the treatment. alcohol or addictions. But this
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