Drugs And Alcohol Is Becoming A Common Matter Among Young Adolescents

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Drugs and alcohol are becoming a common matter amongst young adolescents worldwide. As drugs and alcohol are becoming more popular to the extent where their occurrence is “normal” and becoming more socially acceptable especially, youth demographic. Adolescents have been known to be very poor at assessing hazards and are overly optimistic on their ability to avoid putting themselves in situations that make them feel threatened. Yet a significant barrier adolescents seem to have a problem with is peer pressure because they are just beginning to learn about who they are, and what their belief systems are. They can be easily influenced, especially if they have a strong desire to fit into certain groups, and they are becoming more and more self-reliant. (Dr. Bruce A. Epstein, author of “The Importance of Peer Pressure”) In addition adolescence years are typically a period of experimentation, regardless of parenting skills and influence (Better Health, 2016). Therefore, adolescent years are a time for big changes, which can leave them feeling vulnerable and at risk or in danger (Drinkingnightmare.gov.au, 2016).
Many young individuals are influenced by peers, family and friendship groups and can potentially engage in reckless behaviour such as drinking alcohol and substance abuse because like many teens, you may have the desire to be accepted and to fit in with your peer group (teenzeen.org, 2016). Many reasons why young individuals take/experiment with drugs is to; relax,…
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