Drugs And Drug Addictions

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Thousands of families across the United States deal with a child or family member struggling with drug addiction; Toledo, Ohio is one of the top cities facing a heroin epidemic. Many people try to avoid the fact that this epidemic is hitting Toledo as hard as it is. Unfortunately, avoiding this situation will only allow it to grow and more people will suffer from addiction because they feel there is no way out. Craig Thomas from WTOL 11 reported that “the drug is so powerful that people will do anything to get money to get drugs. Police say heroin is causing crime that hits innocent victims.” The route from Detroit, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio is famously called Heroin Highway because of how many drugs are being transported using that route. If no changes are made in the city, more drug dealers will gain seniority throughout the city and more lives will be taken. The only solutions to help this problem are to hire more law enforcement, give the drug dealers a longer sentence when arrested for the act of dispersing a lethal drug and the best solution would be to open more detox/ treatment centers for the addicts who are ready to receive help. One solution to fend off the heroin epidemic is to hire more law enforcement. By hiring more police officers it would put more men and women on the streets observing more suspicious locations or common drug areas in Toledo. Which would then help arrest more drug dealers in the area. By taking more dealers off the streets, it makes it

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