Drugs And Drugs : Causes And Effects Of Drug Addictions

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35.1% of 12th graders have smoked pot in the past year. Teenagers do not know how serious it is to use drugs. Using drugs can lead to multiple situations if you do not stop in time. It doesn’t take long for teenagers to get addicted to a drug. Once you start getting use to it, you not going to be able to let it go. Teenage drug addicts can cause so much commotions if they do not get the drug they want or need. Drug addicts can lie and steal from their own family. They can also commit serious crimes to get drugs.
People can get addicted by using the drug every day. Getting addicted can cause your brain cells to leave slowly and easily. People can get their family and friends addicted to the drug also by using it around each other. They can end up killing their family members or even themselves over the drug they using. If you get addicted to a drug, you will have to go to rehabilitation program if you want to get clean. Most individuals experience a series of withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms are but not limited to; anxiety, fatigue, sweating, vomiting, depression, seizures, and hallucinations.
On the other hand, using drugs while you pregnant can cause the most effects. Doing drugs while pregnant can make the baby born addicted to the drug. Your baby can also be born with a mental illness. The baby could die and the parent can go to jail for murder. Also, using cocaine can cause heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, and seizures.
Some parents neglects their children for drugs. A mother was given 51 years in prison, for allowing her drug dealer to rape and abuse her daughter for some heroin. The daughter was forces to have consensual sex with a 40-year-old man. The mother plead guilty to multiple counts of complicity to rape, human trafficking and child endangerment. The mother had a special routine after her daughter was brutalized by her drug dealer. As a “reward”, she gave her daughter heroin, the court was told. The daughter vomited each time her mother gave her the drug. It happened four times between February and June 2014. They say before the mother got hooked on heroin, she was a very loving and attentive parent. (Miami Herald)
Before using drugs people should ask themselves, do they care rather
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