Drugs And Drugs : Depression And Addiction To Drugs

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Abusing hard drugs and getting addicted may come from low self esteem which can cause many problems. People with low self esteem have more of a hard time getting over negative thoughts or feelings, which can cause them to turn to drugs to change these thoughts and feelings to positive ones. Depression and anxiety also factor in drug addiction. Depression causes low energy and sadness, and anxiety causes irritability and trouble falling asleep along with staying asleep. These two can lead someone to turn to drugs such as Mephedrone, Crack and Heroin. These drugs have one thing in common; they give someone a sense of wellbeing. When people take Mephedrone they experience feelings such as feeling alert, elevated mood and a sense of wellbeing. Crack can make people experience feelings such as exhilaration, increased confidence and a sense of wellbeing. Heroin causes people to have feelings of pleasure, being warm and content and a sense of wellbeing. These all cause intense feelings, and after someone takes it, they may want more because they no longer have negative thoughts. Depression and anxiety, caused by self esteem issues, can cause drug addiction.
Depression is a big reason people can get addicted to drugs. Depression is a mental illness that involves the mood of a person. This mood disorder affects how you think, feel and act and can cause problems emotionally and physically. Individuals can experience feelings such as irritability, hopelessness, loss of interest or
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