Drugs And Drugs In Sports

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Drugs are harmful to players in highschool and franchises in big time sports. It’s no secret because I am going to tell you why, everything from how they can be harmful to death and how those few games an athlete gets suspended for can cause a championship season. It might seem a little crazy, that is, that some athletes take drugs to help with speed recovery, but they’re very harmful to the body. Even though the drugs help players with recovery, speed, fitness, and strength, drugs are harmful to players and franchises. The first problem with drugs are the side effects, especially from steroids. “Anabolic steroids use may cause the following: acne, decreased sperm count, decreased appetite, fatigue, impotence, mood swings, and…show more content…
So when one QB threatens another with their rise in talent, it threatens their position and possibly the amount of money they make. Granted that they probably aren't on the same team, whos to say that they can’t get traded for the better QB. Who’s to say that when they get traded, it’s for less money. The worst part about this is that it keeps players on their toes and makes the players think they always have to be on their A game. If they aren't they’re undervalued for what they were expected. Also in return, it can turn into a lower paycheck. So, because of that, they try to get an edge on what they do. To get an edge they use steroids or what they can to play their best, but when they get busted it’s not for the better that’s for sure. Not all bust are because of steroids, some players are just idiots that take what they have been given for granted and waste it. When these people get suspended it’s not good for them because that means they lose money. They lose money by getting fined for it. After multiple abuses they could essentially get kicked off the team.By comparison, first-time offenders in track are suspended for two years and in the NFL for four games which is 25% of their season. Pro baseball athletes are not punished until a second offense, a 15-day suspension can cause to have a $10,000 fine (Verducci, T., Kennedy, K., & Bechtel, M., 2003). When they can’t play, they hurt the whole team. Let's say

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