Drugs And Its Effect On Society

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The official definition of drugs is a substance which has a physiological effect when introduced to the body. Drugs have been a part of human culture since the beginning of recorded history. People have use drugs for all sorts of reasons whether it is for a religious mind altering ritual, to save someone’s life or just to make themselves feel better, and they are still widely prevalent in today’s culture. We all know someone who currently partakes in drugs whether they choose to share that information with us or not, this has not changed for thousands of years. However, when United States decided to take action in the 20th century and prohibit certain drugs they did it with the best intentions. They set out with the 5 main goals when declaring the war on drugs, keep young people off drugs, reduce drug related violence, reduce health and crime cost related to drugs, shield Americas borders from drugs entering the country and cut the domestic and international sources of drugs. Consequently, they have achieved just the opposite as these goals have not been close to being achieved and the drug war still deeply affects our society. The United States government should overhaul the drug enforcement policy by legalizing all illicit drugs, because it would reduce crime and prison population, generate tax revenue, and give back people control over what they can do with their body. The current United States drug policy is doing more harm than good, and it’s time for bureaucrats and

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