Drugs And Its Effects On Society And The Person

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Throughout the course of this class we have learned about various different drugs and the effects it has on society and the person. Within the last few years alone, the usage and overdoses of heroin has almost tripled. Heroin is a very addicting, if not the most addicting drug available right now. Many are turning to heroin because it is more accessible and often more affordable than prescription pain killers. The potential for abuse is extremely likely, even after just one use. During the Civil War, morphine was used for pain after medical operations and was thought to be a miracle drug during that time. Unfortunately, thousands of soldiers and civilians became addicted to morphine. Doctors then starting searching for a new drug, and by 1898 they had found their new drug- heroin. Over in Germany, what is now known as Bayer Pharmaceuticals, was looking for a drug that was able to relieve pain without the nasty side effects of morphine (mainly addiction). While it wasn’t known at the time, heroin turned out to be two to three times more potent than morphine. During the testing phase of heroin, the participants claimed that the drug made them feel “heroic” which is ”heroisch” in German. Shortly after, Bayer trademarked the name “Heroin” for marketing purposes. Originally heroin was used for children and adults, used for everything from the common cough or cold to cancer and tuberculosis. Heroin was unregulated in the United States until 1920, but by then it was too late

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