Drugs And Its Effects On The United States

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Drug - U-47700 – aka Street Name Pinky, Pink and U-4
During the 1970s, a drug U-47700 was created by researchers as an anesthetic, less addictive than a morphine substitute. U-47700 was eventually tossed out and discontinued. The Food and Drug Administration did not approve it for human use. Unfortunately, the patent, which included instructions on how to produce the drug, became public information (Mato, 2016). This resulted in foreign drug manufactures gaining access to the formula through academic journals and patent filings (Blau, 2016). Currently, dealers from out of the country are using the chemical recipe and selling the drug in the United States, (Mato, 2016).
The street name for U-47700 is Pinky or Pink. The drug is
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Across the nation measures are being taken to make U-47700 illegal and less accessible. However, with the use of the internet as the preferred method of purchase of the drug, there is an uphill battle in making Pinky, less accessible. According to NBC news, “On Sept. 7, the DEA took initial steps toward banning the drug nationally. The goal is to schedule the synthetic opioid temporarily as a Schedule 1 substance under the federal Controlled Substances Act. (NBC news, 2016).
Avoiding a drug epidemic is easier said than done. It is a starting point. In order to help thwart an epidemic crisis information, communication and education are key points in the middle and junior high schools important. Parents also need to be educated on what signs to look for in their teenagers. Communities, also have to be made aware of the potential epidemic crisis brewing with the increased usage of Pinky.
What Is U-47700?
Pinky, is a synthetic opioid eight times more powerful than morphine and two times stronger than heroin. A depressant, in 2016 two teenage best friends died a day apart in Utah. It is reported that the two teenagers used Pinky prior to their deaths (Harris, 2016). Federal officials have requested to have the potentially deadly drug known as U-47700 or ‘Pinky’ on the federal drug schedule which could give law enforcement
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