Drugs And Substance Abuse In Louisiana

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The power drugs and alcohol can have over a person's life cannot be underestimated. If you find your life spiraling out of control as you chase down money and drugs on a daily basis, you are getting firsthand knowledge of this power. What you may not yet realize is that you can regain control of your life by doing one simple thing, asking for help.

In Louisiana, there are a number of quality rehab centers located in both large and small communities. In smaller communities like Crowley, the rehab facility provides a peaceful treatment destination for people who want help with their substance abuse problems, but don't want to get help close to home or among large populations of people.

Crowley is an agricultural community of approximately 14,000 people. The local farmers produce rice while local fishermen supply crawfish for statewide distribution. The city has a fair amount of amenities (restaurants, motels, points of interest), which makes it an acceptable place for family and friends to stay on a temporary basis while loved ones get drug and/or alcohol treatment. This is important because support groups will eventually become a vital part of the recovery process.
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It has drug abuse problems, the same problems that have existed for 50 years now. The only difference is the substances folks use to disrupt their lives. Recently, the focus has shifted from crack and Ecstasy to heroin and prescription medications. This has resulted in an increase of drug-related deaths, according to the
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