Drugs Are A Problem Of Drugs Essay

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Drugs are a Problem
Drugs, it all began in the 1970s. Hippies with their shrooms and weed covered the United States higher than the Empire State Building. After the Vietnam War, soldiers came back with all kinds of drugs, weed was the most common one. The veterans liked weed the most because it helped with their PTSD. Ever since the “Hippie Age” drugs have been a problem. Marijuana is said to be a gateway drug and part of that statement is true. However there are darker drugs out there, worse than shrooms, marijuana, and a majority of opiates. These drugs need to be stopped at all costs to save our country and our children.
According to Goldberg (2016), a major hardcore drug that is used in most colleges is cocaine. Cocaine is an interesting drug it has two different forms. There is the powdered version of it known as “Blow or Coke,” and there is the other version, which is even worse than the powdered version, crack known as “Crack or Rock.” College students are prone to encounter powdered cocaine, to be highly illegal, it gets around pretty easily. An average of 14% of adults have tried cocaine. One in 40 have tried it within the last year (p.1).
Crack cocaine is one of the most disgusting drugs on the planet, yet it only scratches the surface on how bad drugs can get. Imagine a 30 year old looking like they are in their 60s and they are missing half of their teeth, that’s what crack users look like. Crack destroys the user’s body along with what little brain cells
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