Drugs Are Bad Or Bad?

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Drugs are bad, Mmkay? What doesn 't kill us makes us stronger right? Well that 's what athletes of this generation believe. They think if steroids or human growth hormones don 't kill us and cause us to become stronger then it 's totally worth it. Performance enhancement drugs are very harmful to a person 's body and can cause huge Problems in an individual 's life. Someone can have just a hint of these substances in their system from that time they tore a muscle and needed that edge to come back stronger. That small amount can cause someone to be accused of doping with performance enhancing drugs, and they can take everything they have worked for and take it away. Athletes think they are smart and can pass these tests or avoid them for long enough, but do not stop to think about what the consequences are for taking them. When athletes today are such idols and looked up to as much as they are, they should set better examples, like donating to charity and helping others instead of breaking rules and being involved in illegal activities. Athletes who have used, or are using these drugs should be stripped of trophies and awards they have won, because they have cheated and do not deserve the title. Rules were set in sports at the beginning of it all. Stating that if someone were to break these rules or cheat them, they would have to face the results of their actions. Such rules as if someone is found using performance enhancing drugs, everything they did during the
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