Drugs Control Of A Drug Addict

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Drugs control everything in an addict’s life; they lead addicts to jails, institutions and death. A drug addiction is a disease that leads to complete failure of self. Drug addicts lose everything: family, friends and their own lives due to their compulsive and obsessive use. There is no known cure for this devastating disease, but it could be arrested at some point and the affected person could get help if desired. This is something that no one should do alone. Initially is important to know that dealing with a drug addict is not a simple process and also that the persons suffering from an addiction is struggling to get help; sometimes they just don’t know where to get it, others don’t care to get any help at all. But why not help an addict that wants help? These are the three basic places that a drug addict could go for help: outpatient rehab centers, inpatient rehab centers and long term process-anonymous meetings.
One place is an outpatient rehab centers located throughout the five boroughs of New York City. They consist of one-on-one counseling and group meetings throughout the week. At first they would do an intake to see the type of drug or drugs the patient is under the influence of and then they would give the patient a schedule to follow. Some of the patients could be mandated by court, some are there voluntarily. Once a month they meet with a psychiatrist for a psych evaluation. They help the patient with mental disorders like: depression, bipolar disorder or…

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