Drugs : Drugs And Crime

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Leah Johnson
Drugs & Crime
Question 1- If I were in charge of new drug policies in the United States I would first assess the problems, which is marijuana production, clandestine laboratories and the pharmaceutical distribution.
First and foremost, Pharmaceutical in my opinion is the biggest problem out of the three. Not only is illegal activities are happening, but majority of the illegal activity is caused by health providers, ie doctors. One policy I would place in effect is a doctor monitoring team. This team would be in charge or monitor systems to track prescriptions and monitor the doctors whom prescribing them, and make sure patients are not abusing the painkillers as well. This system will ensure that doctors and patients will think twice about abusing painkillers. Moreover, another problem that exist within pharmaceutical distribution is pharmaceutical fraud. Pharmaceutical fraud is a form of illegal activity that involves false claims to insurers or Medicare for financial gain. A solution to this problem is to keep more people attentive to any claims submitted to an insurer that looks illegal. The team of fraud representatives will ensure that none gets ripped off again. My opinion on the success rates of my ideas is that if they were implicated, I believe that not only will fraud decrease but over pain med deaths will decrease as well. If people start to notice that the prescriptions they are receiving is being monitored, doctors and patients will most…

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