Drugs Should Be Legalized?

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It seems that drugs should be legalized because, “the existing evidence suggests that net costs for drugs are higher under probation-substantially higher in some cases” (Miron, 839). Miron is proposing that prohibition leads to significantly high prices for drugs which creates incentives for suppliers to develop a black market and make enormous profits. By legalizing drugs, he argues that the price will be driven down so that the black market will be eliminated because the profits will not be as high. It seems that drugs should be legalized because the, “proliferation of new psychoactive compounds is arguably far more dangerous than the relatively stable uses of traditional drugs they substituted for since these newer substance’s dangers are not well-researched and with differing potency levels, present new risks of overdose or side effects to users” (Taylor, 5). Each drug has a unique and specific chemical composition; this chemical composition is what is banned by the government. If the compound is slightly changed by adding another molecule, the new drug is very similar to the original and it is not illegal. These new drugs, since most of them are created by amateur chemists who are not testing these drugs properly, can be more harmful than the current illegal drugs. Professor
Taylor argues that prohibition has caused an increase in these new “legal highs” and if drugs were made legal, these new compounds would not be created.
It seems that drugs should…

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