“Drugs Take You To Hell Disguised As Heaven” 8 Simple Words

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“Drugs take you to hell disguised as heaven” 8 simple words but they mean much more, drug therapist ,Donald Lynn Frost, said this. He’s talking about how the drugs have a person feeling like they’re in heaven, but they are really just putting deeper into a own personal hell. The people of the 70’s know this feeling, in their society drugs were everywhere were a normal part of life. The 70’s culture was something that dealt with rights, rebellion, and particularly women’s rights. Women’s rights were growing, advancing, and changing; instead of staying at home women were now in the workplace. In the workplace is where women’s rights came into play and they were fighting for things such as equal salary, equal job rank, and many more. While…show more content…
He then revealed to everybody else this drug and encourage people to use it, declaring it could make them smarter, feel on top of the world, and better than ever before. Nobody knew the negative effects of drugs which is why they were so popular. Because nobody knew about the negative effects and only cared about having a good time, drugs came out everywhere in society. The media was a huge part, global superstars such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Jimi Hendrix, all did drugs. People publicly knew about the drug use and simply did not care, because they did it everyone else believed it was okay to do them (Hanson 54). However after Elvis died in 1977 due to drug use, people soon began to open their eyes to the negatives. Teenagers were another influencer of drugs, they pushed these drugs on other teens. If one person did them the next would try it and so on, only because that is what they saw and it was looked upon as cool. If a student went out everyday after school and smoked marijuana he/she was cool, if the same student or someone else knew how to get heroin they were cool. The parents were the final people who pushed drugs, if the kids/teenagers see their parents doing drugs, once again it is seen as okay to do them. Studies have shown that if the child watches the parent do things they

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