Drugs : The Use Of Heroin

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The Use of Heroin My name is Destiny Marcum and I have never been addicted to drugs, but I have seen it first hand through my parents. My parents were heroin addicts for seven years and it made life extremely difficult for them as well as my siblings and me. I am currently in the process of receiving a degree in human services and have a certification in Addiction Studies. I think my parent’s addictions growing up greatly led to my desire to learn about addiction and helping others in this career field. Heroin is an extremely addicting and dangerous man-made recreational drug that has euphoric and even deadly effects for the user. (Anderson, 2014) Heroin is typically injected into the user’s vein but can also be smoked, snorted, orally…show more content…
Although it is made from morphine, it is 2-3 times more potent. As early as 3400 BC, the opium poppy flowers were grown and harvested in Mesopotamia. Now it is grown and harvested in many countries to produce heroin and illegal drugs. Heroin is generally illegal to make, possess, or sell without a license. The term "Heroin" came into play in 1895, it came from the German word "heroisch" meaning heroic from the German Bayer medicine corporation. It received this name because of its believed "heroic" actions by the user. Starting in 1898 and continuing till 1910 Bayer promoted Heroin as being a non-addictive substitute for morphine as well as a cough suppressant. In some countries, Heroin also served medical purposes and was used as a powerful form of pain relief for severe physical trauma, post-surgical pain, and chronic pain caused by end-stage cancers and other terminal illnesses. Heroin is classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 and has no medical use in the United States due to the dangers and risks associated. (Anderson, 2014) Current Uses of Heroin Nearly 80 percent of Americans using heroin reported misusing prescription opioids prior to using the drug. While prescription opioid misuse is a risk factor for starting heroin, only a small fraction of people who misuse pain relievers switch to heroin. Prescription opioid misuse is just one factor leading to current users and heroin
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