Drugs and Alcohol in the Adolescent Years Essay

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Drugs and Alcohol in the Adolescent Years

The years of adolescence are a very important time for both young girls and boys to make decisions that will essentially have the power to shape their lives. In life there are conflicts to be overcome from both the “evil” social world and also a young girl’s vulnerability can cause problems. Both have a huge impact on decisions she will make. Drugs and alcohol are both issues that almost any young person in today’s society is going to come into contact with. Then there is the issues of making decisions about how these substances will affect their life. It is interesting to study and compare the drug use among different ethnic groups as well as how the culture that one is brought up
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Even more interesting is a sample taken that showed that those adolescents who start drugs and alcohol at a younger age like 15, are more likely to keep up the habit as opposed to someone who starts using at an older age. (Dewitt, Offord, pg. 7.) Drug and alcohol use also increases when young people leave for college. (Dewitt, Offord, pg.7.) All these results show how imperative it is for a young adolescent to have parental guidance and love during their life.

Now that I have established the patterns of drug use occurring in young boys and girls it is important to figure out why this is the way that it is. Many people have pondered and studied the concept of ethnicity and it’s affects on drug use in young children. Focusing on border life on the American-Mexico border and mainly alcohol consumption among Mexican American woman, the results are very interesting. A recent survey was done on the alcohol consumption of white women and Mexican women along the U.S. Mexican border. It was found that very little data exists on alcohol consumption among women in different groups of the U.S. population. Mexican Americans combine the second largest racial or ethnic minority in the U.S. and again there is little data on this population group. This survey done in 1979 attempts to fill some of the missing holes by comparing these two races of women living on the border.

The first fact to be found was that in the
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