Drugs and Crime Midterm Essay

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1.) Many drugs have been used for medical purposes at one time or another. Pick two drugs that have been utilized in this capacity and explain the medical rationale behind their use. Conclude your answer with a description of why each drug was later banned from medical usage. - Besides being an extremely addictive and dangerous narcotic, cocaine has some medicinal use. Cocaine has been used as a local anesthetic for eye and nasal surgery. Besides being an anesthetic, it also is a potent vasoconstrictor (constricts the blood vessels around the area where injected [eye or nose]). The vasoconstriction helps reduce bleeding and the systemic circulation of cocaine (into the heart, specifically). More recently, the use of cocaine as an…show more content…
Be sure to note both consistency and differences between medical families of drugs and legal schedules. -One of the two basic ways of looking at drugs is psychological and sociological effect which focus is on the study of substances that alter our feelings, thoughts, perception of the world, and behavior. Psychoactive drugs are illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, PCP, ketamine and GHB, that influence the functioning of the brain, behavior, and experiences .The other way to look at drugs is the social circumstances that lead to drug-taking behavior. First the use of psychoactive drugs modifies the functioning of the brain both at the time during which the drug is present in the body and later when the drug taking behavior stops. Second, drug dependence is a result of a complex interaction of the individual and his and her environment. All drugs, whether illegal or legal, can become dangerous substances when abused. Therefore, the legal classification of drugs means little in terms of how toxic or addictive a substance may be. Some of the most potent medications prescribed by doctors are as harmful if not more so as some of the drugs classified as controlled or banned substances. 3.) Regarding drug legislation, contrast the harm-reduction approach and the zero tolerance approach toward drug abuse. Provide one example of each approach. - Zero tolerance is the eventual eradification of illicit drugs:

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